Restoration of Brottsjø 3

Boat building

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Brottsjø in the sliphall. I made fixed points in the slip hall and use these as a reverence for the grid you see here on the boat. The grid can help to position the different parts of the boat later when we start rebuilding the boat. This is one of the new things we use on this project, in the past a reference point sometimes got lost because it was taken away, like a stem.

Here you can see us putting up the grid, it’s still all handwork.

Here the result, we can measure direct from the picture, it’s not to the millimeter but it’s accurate enough.

The electrician did some valuable research this week in how to clean all the different surfaces we encounter on board, we contacted different curators in Norway and hope to come to a good guideline at the end of the project.

We also removed more equipment from the deck and now started inside. We numbered this bulkhead, it’s still in good shape and I suspect it’s not older than 25 years, around the last time here engine was changed.

Here you see the engine and the two diesel tanks we will remove next week.

Deeper in the machine room Kazimierz is preparing the removal of the air tank, on the left you see the mechanism that powers the winch on the deck through a belt connected directly to the engine.

This is how a 70 year old spruce deck beam and deck look like.

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