Day 1585, barriers.

Day 1585.jpg

I stumbled upon

this wall last week


it is solid

but also made

out of many

small facets




it doesn’t really matter

it is still


in my way

Day 1584, when.

Day 1584.jpg

Every night

when you close your eyes

and wait for the moment

that never comes


and when you are there

you are also gone

for a few hours

or forever


one example

that death will come

and always

at the end of your life


remember that

Day 1582, line.

Day 1582.jpg

My line of sight is tied down

for the forces that push on it

are relentless


I hope one day

I can release it

and let the horizon fill

with the breath I kept

and pull on me

Day 1579, twilight.

Day 1579.jpg

I see bright light

and myself

standing still

at the end

of a dark tunnel


I stared so long

in twilight

trying to see this road

I am afraid it will disappear

when I step


Day 1578, roof.

Day 1578.jpg

I felt protected

for many years


but the roof was corroding

from the inside out

and one day the rain

came down


and woke me up

Day 1577, stares.

Day 1577.jpg

I remember the house

where I thought I grew up


there was an old chimney

a corner where I played

and my father closed the door


in my memories

he was never there

in reality

he often stares at me

standing in front

of my reflection

Day 1575, many years.

Day 1575.jpg

The windows I see through

are not cleaned

for many years

the world seems this way

to be really



when I finally go outside

and look back

I see this way

that inside it also

seems to be


Day 1573, yellow.

Day 1573.jpg

Sometimes it seems

that the leaves have fallen



while I stare


I can see a shimmering warmth

underneath the crown

of the forest

and when I go

towards the edge

I can feel the yellow leaves

between my toes


the sun gives life

and at the same time

it’s pregnant of death

Day 1571, work in progress 2.

Day 1571.jpg

The first light

and movement they sense

still wet

and lost

gives them no






they grow

and the world

gets projected

from this one



and it is still


when they close

their eyes

and dream


for them

there is no other

sunset, color of grass

or fear.


there is no other

Day 1570, hang.

Day 1570.jpg

It looks like

all the lines eventually

come together

somewhere near

the end

in the distance


till then

I just hang my thoughts

on them

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