Day 1057, a new track.

Day 1057-1.jpg

A road, lost in a vast landscape, under just fallen snow.

On a morning where the world still sleeps,

and an early sun draws shadows on the hills.

I see this all, smell the cold air, and walk in careful silence towards my destination,

where a white shroud is brushed away in thoughtful patterns.

The night is gone, we role forwards to make a new track and find soil.


Day 1056, swinging.

Day 1056-1.jpg

My feet go up when I rush forwards

I lean back and fly, feeling the essence of my childhood

at the top, on the other side, without knowing, I know

and rush back extending myself to where I just was.

I still like to sit down and swing, feel the air, go back, and forwards

wondering if the rope will hold


Day 1055, a door.

Day 1055-1.jpg

A door, lost in nowhere

black painted iron, half sunken in still white snow

I stare, get lost, did I go through?

Is it even open?

the whiteout hides, footsteps passing

maybe I leaped, I will not know, so

I leave the door behind

dreaming of other pastures

on one of two sides.


Day 1054, nature stares.

Day 1054-1.jpg

Nature stares, in my eyes

a suggestion, sound, a smell, picture

triggers, revealing old roads

a rush, I escape back

wander where I once was, feel it

emotions flare, waver, going away

once more, the road disappears

I could be him, was him again

Reliving my life, when nature stares.


Day 1053, belong.

Day 1053-1.jpg

The end of a tunnel

is near


I believe

with my head


I will


and land

on two feet

my knees

where I



Restoration of Brottsjø 7.

This week we removed the “egnerhus”. There are parts from different periods, from the 1960 to the ’90. Under the glass fiber roof cover, probably from the 70’s we found small nails indicating that there was originally a canvas cover on the wooden roof. The sink and poorly made table are from the 90’s and have to go. When Brottsjø was used for fishing there was also a second stove standing in the “egnerhus” used for cooking and drying cloth, you can still see the round hole.

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