I finished a book about Elvis Presley today and that was interesting. I off course new about him. I’ve even been to Graceland, but that’s because our flight got diverted during a storm and we had to spend a day in Memphis. I knew a little bit about him, his singing, acting, singing career, his popularity with the ladies and the pills that killed him at the end.

But he had quite a life, a real American life. His religion for instance, something I didn’t know so much about. Like a typical Christian he did a lot of things that Jesus probably didn’t do himself. He slept with a lot of woman even when he was seeing someone.  And his addiction to so called prescription drugs. I thought he did that at the end of his life, but he got more or less a care package from his mother when he turned 18. But he was proud that he never did drugs or alcohol and he even went to Nixon for a badge from an anti-drug agency. That kind of hypocrisy is still going strong, especially in America where prescription drugs kill thousands of people a year, mush more than die from illegal drugs. He also let money control his life. I am pretty sure that he didn’t start singing to get rich. If that was his plan than the downside was that the songs and acting he had to do brought him little joy, but it made him rich. He made so many movies and sung hundreds of songs he disliked, and he did it because he was made to believe that that’s what you do if you want to get rich, you work hard and do what makes the most money. But he sold his soul and didn’t do the things he wanted to do. He had such a good start, I wish he had taken more time and had chosen quality over quantity.

It’s interesting for me to see how such a famous person with all his success and who is loved by millions can have such a horrible life at the end. That is at least what I take away from reading this biography. But maybe it’s a struggle we all have to face, his is just shining so much brighter and that’s why he probably is a star.

Biografie: Being Elvis A Lonely Life

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