Day 2165, Pyotr.

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There were too many

so his death was not mourned

I am so disappointed that we still live in a world where a single person can have so much power that he (it is hardly ever a she) can start a war. I don’t believe in a higher power or that there is a reason for why we are here. If you think this through, you have to conclude that we are humans living on a planet and not humans living in a country that is all just made up and has no basis in reality besides a habit we all share for a couple of hundred years.

Peter Kropotkin, The Conquest of Bread.

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The Conquest of Bread

This is the first short introduction of famous anarchist and anarchism in general i post. It just happens that I started listening to this specific book today so that’s why it will be the first. My intentions are to write about anarchism regularly as a way for me to categorize it, something I would do any way, collecting links, names, books etc.


It’s like a shared adventure into the world of anarchism, a world that is misunderstood by most but it might surprise you how mush we have to thank those pioneers for the things we take for granted now. My starting premise is that anarchistic ideas where often so explosive that it changed the trajectory of the society in witch it exploded, afterward the speed of change dropped fast and conservative forces took control but they where not able to turn back the clock on everything.