Day 1099, stairs up.

Day 1099-1.jpg

A corridor leads

to stairs up

dimly lit

by ancient, incandescent

its filaments


counting down, to their end.

Rushed by the cadence

I feel my way


eyes closed

foreseeing the darkness

escaping  time



Day 1054, nature stares.

Day 1054-1.jpg

Nature stares, in my eyes

a suggestion, sound, a smell, picture

triggers, revealing old roads

a rush, I escape back

wander where I once was, feel it

emotions flare, waver, going away

once more, the road disappears

I could be him, was him again

Reliving my life, when nature stares.


Day 702, driving to…

Day 702-1

In the morning, driving to work, waking up from a sleep.

Some caffeine to move and get up to sit and plan the day.

Listening to a book, enjoy the drive a thousand times.

Each bend is known, I feel the friction, the weather decides.

I wouldn’t mind driving all day, going nowhere to the next turn.

But then I arrive, open the door into my life and close my escape.

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