Day 1567, my.

Day 1567.jpg

My reflections

are divided by pillars

holding up

heaven from earth


my reflections

show scaffolding



a ghost

to you


I hope

you take this

in account

Day 1494, swell.

Day 1494.jpg

A reflection

while walking



unsure what I sea

not looking

to the other




I stop

and still

stare down

into a silent


Day 1067, reflection.

Day 1067-1.jpg

The mirror points in two directions.

It reflects me, my outside a stranger to me.

It lets me reflect, what I, think I see.

So, what is reflected?

Am I my own imitation?


Day 1058, storm.

Day 1058-1.jpg

A storm is going on.

I stare upwards, eyes closed, see dim grey movements.

The lights inside play with my darkness, from outside

the wind, roof and trees play their song

getting exited, calm down, scream, all without reason.

The fireplace cracks, suddenly, irregularly, interrupts this symphony,

the orange glow welcome, reminds me, the darkness subsides.


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