Day 1412, memories.

Day 1412.jpg

Looking back

from where

I go

to where

I walked


I see

my trace

like in

the snow


and like the snow

rain and sun

will take away

my memory

Day 1201, pollen.

Day 1201.jpg

While walking


my fingers

graze in fields


with bright white flowers


in memory


each next step


Constructed memory.

Curacao, 1994

Why do I think we all build a structure, a narrative, that explains or bears our existence?

First of all, it’s a story I’ve been telling myself for many years, if I tell you about its origin, I guarantee you that it is…a structure. It probably started while reading a book, but I don’t know what book or where I read it.

We all been in situations where you are certain about a situation, certain facts you remember from the past. Till you meet someone that was with you at the time and recollects it totally different.

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