Day 2069, On sleep and sleeplessness.

Day's pictures
Towards Olympia – Greece, 2014

The pictures you see were from a trip we made in 2014 to Greece. Most people go to the islands, but we decided to rent a car and drive through the main country and visit the ancient sites. It is a beautiful country with relatively few tourists, so all the sites are not overcrowded, and you can really enjoy it. We hadn’t planned to go to Greece that year; we wanted to visit my girlfriend’s family in America, so we prepared everything, and then I wanted to check-in at the airport, and the lady behind the counter told me that my passport was not valid anymore, it was just out of date. So that was some stress; we saved just enough money for the trip to America, but it was luckily enough to buy some new tickets to Greece and rent a car for three weeks and stay in the many reasonably priced hotels. It was a little bit stressful to travel without a passport, but it was still in Europe, so it should go alright, and it did. Greece popped in my head when I had to make a quick decision; we had already traveled through Norway for half a day, and my mind was set to go on holiday that day. Greece still had nice weather; it was at the end of September, so that was a plus, and I was always interested in seeing where all these philosophers lived that I know and sometimes read. It was an excellent choice; it was a shame that we couldn’t see her family, but we also learned that we could be flexible together when confronted with bad luck.

Day 1071, unanswered question.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Day 1071-1.jpg

At night, dark moods like figures wake

to pull me in, it’s silent, I fall, overcome.

Reality dances, holds close my delirium, makes me feel the chorus.  

My eyes open and close to fall and wake together engulfing.

The pull overwhelms, getting stronger, the darkness dark.

My eyes open, awake, an echo drags shadows, my being afraid.

What is it that just haunted? Asks my wakening mind.

An abstract creation or a representation of nothing…ness?


Day 1062, wonderland.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Day 1062-1.jpg

We clear the atmosphere

and set course to other worlds

our long sleep last ages

but for us, it’s just one dream

from our bridge, we see the new world

when we wake up from our sleep

It’s blue from up here

when closer, land does appear

we set down and wander out

just the two of us

all alone in this new land with an apple tree


What does my cat dream.

My thoughts


I am listening to eighties music on YouTube and was thinking about my nostalgic period of the month. I guess because I was a teenager back then that that’s why I love that music so mush, even the song I didn’t like back then.

You are so mush emptier when you’re young that every sip of life makes a deeper impression then they do now, when you are older, and you are full…almost full.

When I go to bed I often hope to dream about those days, maybe my cat is doing that now.

This is the music list i played: 80 hits