Day 1540, slightly

Day 1540

From out of a nightmare

I get touched


by a tiny tentacle


to an eerie shadow


I wake up

and realize

it’s just


Day 1071, unanswered question.

Day 1071-1.jpg

At night, dark moods like figures wake

to pull me in, it’s silent, I fall, overcome.

Reality dances, holds close my delirium, makes me feel the chorus.  

My eyes open and close to fall and wake together engulfing.

The pull overwhelms, getting stronger, the darkness dark.

My eyes open, awake, an echo drags shadows, my being afraid.

What is it that just haunted? Asks my wakening mind.

An abstract creation or a representation of nothing…ness?


Day 1048 a new day.

Day 1048-1.jpg

My eyes open, and it is dark

a heavy feeling, but I rise

the alarm goes, and turns of

I sit straight, to feel

the mask I will wear

a grimace, that takes over

that haunted my dreams


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