Day 1441, sky.

Day 1441.jpg


get scattered

in all directions

by all

that is small



its not the crest

that brings

but the ripples

that give


a blue sky

Day 1066, sick world.

Day 1066-1.jpg

It’s burning outside, in my world.

It’s the hate you see, in my world.

The absence of mirrors, reflection.

The believe in a father, party, or lord.

A promise that steels, seduces your conscience.

Reduces the other, your neighbor, to foe.

“They have to be wrong why else do they question”.

Your right is not standing well on its own.

It’s saddens to know that people still hate.

And have not learned from the mistakes that are made.

It’s burning outside, in the world that I see.

It’s the hate you see, in the world that I see.


Day 709, Avengers go to church.

Day 709-1

There is one little church in the place where I live, it is not so far from where I live in the countryside. There was another one in the main town but that one was vandalized by some kids a couple of years ago and they demolished it because it was a hazard, little late you might say. This particular church is not so special, but they are always interesting, like a tv from the fifties, they look cool but only old people use them.  But churches are often interesting structures, they stand out from the ordinary buildings and remind us that with some cooperation we humans can build some nice things together. I grew up without religion, I can’t remember anyone was religious in my mothers and fathers family. At school we learned about Jesus but also about Thor and Wodan and I still remember those stories, I loved them. There are enough religious people in Holland but it’s not something you specifically mention when you are one of them and most religious people are pretty liberal with the rules they supposed to follow. Because of this religion is not important to me in my personal life, as an object of study I find it highly interesting because for me Jesus is as real as Thor and with that in mind it is quiet amusing how serious people take there believes. Could be nice if Jesus was one of the Avengers, heling people left and right and as a special power: making wine out of water… no, that’s kind of lame…guess Jesus is not as cool as the other Gods.

Day 651, Thor is a god

Day 651-1

Some things are hard to understand for me, growing up in a secular country that has no long history and no entrenched traditions. In this case I was thinking about Israel and Palestine and their quarrel. There are lots of complicated reasons why they are still fighting with each other but at the basis stands the idea that long ago some people pointed ate a piece of dirt and proclaimed it sacred. Remember that those religions have no more significance to me than the stories of Tolkien or Harry Potter. And if you look at it like a that you can imagine that it is hard to understand that they fight, and kill, over different interpretation and gods. As a nerd I like to fantasies about who would win in a fight: Thor or Superman. But in those ridiculous countries they tell young people to kill each other because of there disagreement in who has the right to live close to Asgard or Krypton.

The sad thing is that most Israeli and Palestinians just wane live their lives and probably believe in a god out of tradition and habit.  These people don’t really believe in god or have never taken the time to question it, what in my mind is the same. But like everywhere in the world, the people with the biggest mouths, the strongest opinions and the most to lose determine the faith of all of them. And if you stretch it a little further you could say that the people that are in charge are driven by their power and the fear to lose it and that they use the religion to legitimize their rule. Religion is not what drives them, but power does. Religion is not real, and if it is used as a reason for action you will always find ulterior reasons hidden behind those actions.

If you are a believer tell me than why there are over 4000 religions?  Some of them have no problem with multiple god’s but a lot allow only one. Why do you, as a believer think you are right and all the other people (probably billions) are wrong, if your religion only allows one god?

Next time you read a text where they use the word god or an equivalent, exchange that word with Thor and you will see how stupid these man (as in a person with a penis and power) made books are.

Prov 3:5: Trust in THOR with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Phil 4:6: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with Thurseblot, present your requests to Thor.

Acts 18:9: One night Thor spoke to Loki in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.

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