Photoshopped disappointment.

After the elections in America in 2016 I was upset to say the least so to vent some of my anger I started making Photoshopped pictures with a message. By coincident we had just visited family in America that summer, so I had a lot of pictures to work with. With some of the pictures it is pretty clear what the message is with others you have to look a little closer. I’m curious if you find the messages that are hidden.

My only model and Muse.

I never cared much about model photography, mostly because it’s not easy to get willing subjects. I have only taken pictures of my girlfriend/fiancé but that is mainly because she has  so many wild ideas and fantasies which she can’t always photograph alone.  Not to mention she doesn’t mind laying in the snow naked or ice cold waters. She doesn’t fear entering old dusty, rusty buildings or worn-down sheds to pose or lie down on the floor in a tunnel because I saw some nice lighting or shadows that inspired me.  I hope you enjoy them.

Some artsy sunshine

It was dark and storming here and the power was gone for a couple of hours so I got my laptop and played around with some 10 year old pictures, you have to do something…hope you like it.

Beautiful side of America.

There is a lot of ugliness going on in America but there is also a lot of beauty. New York is my favorite city in the world and the scenery in and around Utah is beautiful. Driving on almost empty roads with endless views. These pictures are from 2016.



You bend
what is straight

You’re cold
It is plain

You don’t
What is the same

You’re mine
It is simple






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