Photoshopped disappointment.

After the elections in America in 2016 I was upset to say the least so to vent some of my anger I started making Photoshopped pictures with a massage. By coincident we had just visited family in America that summer, so I had a lot of pictures to work with. With some of the pictures it is pretty clear what the massage is with others you have to look a little better. I’m curious if you guess get the more hidden massages.

My only model and Muse.

I never cared much about model photography, mostly because it’s not easy to get willing subjects. I have only taken pictures of my girlfriend/fiancé but that is mainly because she wanted it and she didn’t mind going to old buildings or worn-down sheds to pose or lie down on the floor in a tunnel because I saw a cool light just above the ground. I hope you like them.

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