Day 2109, from my window 7.

Another year is almost over, and the funny thing is, you don’t have to do anything for it; it’s a straight line no matter what happened on the sides of that road.

Day 1804, straight down.

I am easy

with my leftover thoughts


they go

straight down the drain


some make compost out of it

they say it is good fertilizer


I think it leaves

a bad aftertaste

when you eat the new harvest

Day 1663, spilled.

From the clothespins

that are left

I can see

where you had your thought


to dry


I hope the blood stains

came out

Day 1297, thoughts.

Day 1297.jpg

Its the dirt road

at my house

in the morning

that I drive



where they stare

at me

each day


if I stop

to look closer

they run



like sheep

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