Day 1949, My gear.

Daily picture

Today just a picture taken in the garden. I wanted to share a little about the camera I use. I have a blog where I talk about some of my equipment, specially all the vintage lenses I use on my digital cameras. Modern digital cameras are pretty expensive and it would be nice to try one but I rather spend my money on something else. My theory is that, well it is not so much a theory but more an observation, I still have pictures on the wall taken with my first digital camera (Nikon D40x) in 2006 and they are great. The cameras I had after that improved in the quality of the pictures but that is subjective, they mainly improved on the handling and speed. For the people that are interested I bought a Nikon D300 after the D40x and a couple of years later I bought a Nikon D7100. I especially liked the D300 because of its ruggedness and its semi professional qualities. But last year I had one of those moments that probably every photographer has every now and then and that was the sudden idea to sell most of what I had and go a whole

different direction. So U sold a bunch of stuff and I bought a Nikon D700 from 2009 with a large sensor. It is the kind of camera I had no money for back then but now it is not so expensive. You might think:” why do you buy a 12-year-old camera” and you might be right. But so far, I like it and it has a similar colour rendition as the other Nikon cameras I had in 2009. The nice thing is that it has the bigger senser compared to the other cameras I had. The D700 has the same sensor size as film had in the olden days, the main effect of this that is important for me is the better so called bokeh effect or the smoothness of the out of focus areas. To top it of I also bought a pair of professional lenses from the 1990’s, the same as I had when I was using film. The two lenses are the Nikon 80-200 2.8 and a 35-70 2.8. They are both great optically but they can’t compete with modern lenses when it comes to speed. But the lens that I use the most is my 10-year-old 105mm 2.8 macro lens. Combined with the bigger sensor you get great results in my opinion. If you think about that a new semi-professional camera will set you back at least 2000 dollars without a lens than the 500 dollar I spend on the second hand D700 plus two professional lenses is a no brainer in my opinion. For the 1500 dollar you safe you can buy a nice macro lens, a good tripod maybe a wide-angle lens and more. And look at my other site, there I use a second-hand Fujifilm camera X-T1 with like 15 different vintage lenses for less than 1200 Dollar combined and that is a lot of fun. These all lenses have many faults but that also give them their charm.



My trusty companions…
Some of my almost 15 year old prints. (Printed on a pigment printer, it stays nice.)

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