Day 1529, who.

Day 1529

A white bridge

spanning a dark


crosses me

to a side


I don’t know who

I will meet

over there

within me

Day 1528, fog.

Day 1528

Through all the fog

I see

in the morning


I walk


to the other side

of the bridge

that I don’t see


but know

Day 1492, half a bridge.

Day 1492.jpg

From far away

my idea


the horizon


from the side

where I am going

to the side

I want to be


but now

I am closer

and not so sure


I can’t see

the other side

from here

Day 1486, arc.

Day 1486.jpg

A majestic structure

looms overhead



in hazy air


the parabole

my road

hangs on

to the other side

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