Day 1141, of our time.

Day 1141-1.jpg

Three hinges

hold the door

of our time


in place


from standing still

you take a step

from an empty mind

you get a thought

from nothing

you see beauty


Day 1089, my room.

Day 1089-1.jpg

I was cooking the other day

and sorrows where thinking for me,

between the damp and smoke.

It’s a mess, said my room

up there, in my thoughts

where I stare at the walls.


What does my cat dream.


I am listening to eighties music on YouTube and was thinking about my nostalgic period of the month. I guess because I was a teenager back then that that’s why I love that music so mush, even the song I didn’t like back then.

You are so mush emptier when you’re young that every sip of life makes a deeper impression then they do now, when you are older, and you are full…almost full.

When I go to bed I often hope to dream about those days, maybe my cat is doing that now.

This is the music list i played: 80 hits





Day 1027, remorse.

Day 1027-1.jpg

Symmetry of thoughts

when a lie evolves

a past dissolves

what is left disperse

dried up remorse



Symmetrie van gedachten
wanneer een leugen evolueert
een verleden op lost
wat overblijft, verspreidt
verdroogde wroeging

Day 979, obscured insides.

Day 979-1

Two doors, locked and solid,

worn out, corroded.

Opposites, like thoughts onset

from locked, obscured insides.


I like taking pictures like this, of old, worn out things that have served a purpose, and sometimes still do in their final days. They give off a lonely vibe, people have put this together once, all the little parts went through many hands and now it stands here, forgotten, counting the minutes. So many things are now orphans, all alone, hoping that someone takes care.

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