Day 2048, our inner.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Slide film, 1996, Burgers’ zoo – Arnhem – the Netherlands

When I look at you

through all these past layers

I sometimes wonder

if I am still there

I had a girlfriend in 1996 who studied biology, and she often had to go to Burgers zoo to study the different apes there. I tried to tag along as often as possible. I am not sure if I ever met Frans de Waal, but he has written several well-known books, and I have read some of them. I met his mentor Jan Van Hoof who was a professor in Utrecht, where my girlfriend studied, and we also lived. It was fun to follow some of the lectures, but I am glad it was just for fun; she had to learn a lot.

Day 1988, armless.

Daily picture

I like to look at the chickens in our garden. I like their behavior, they move like people do, but with no arms. They also move together, but don’t care for each other. Some wander off, but never to far. They act like they always starve, chasing sudden movements of a hand that points, in expectance. And most striking, they let it all go without care, even when they step in it, on their way back.