Day 2099, thin ice?

Day's pictures

I had this picture of ice on a lake and the bed underneath, and both are not in focus, but it leaves enough to my imagination. I wanted to write something clever about it, but I lost my appetite. I just read a news article about some right-wing nutcases in America with a picture of four guys fully dressed in army fatigues and weapons everywhere. I look at their faces, and I just don’t understand these people; they obviously take themselves really serious.  Personally, I believe that you always have to be critical of the answers you give yourself and the ones others give you. Doubt is not easy, but a militiaman or anti-vaxxer will have never take their stance if they question themselves.

There are billions of opinions, and my only conclusion out of that is that they cannot all be true. Claiming that yours is true is not enough; even a majority can be wrong. God and his claims are also not enough; there are thousands of God’s and even more religions.

For the same reason that we all agree that one plus one is two, we should also search for other truths that fit in that same category. Think about all your opinions; could they be universal, or are they just particular to your situation?

Day 627, mass graves.

Day's pictures

Day 627-1

This picture of some rocks protruding out of the water remind me of some abstract style of painting I have seen before. I see a lot of agony, crawling and screaming, maybe that’s just me.

I read a lot of books, I follow the news and I sometimes wonder why. The house I live in now is old, there is no landline or cable, and in the house, we have no cellphone connection. For that we must go out looking for one, people cannot call us for that reason. Because I wanted internet I had to install a strong directional antenna on top of the hill behind my house for a decent 4G signal. This all works pretty good, but I wonder what it would be like if I didn’t had internet, and therefore no contact with the world. At my job I don’t need to talk about the news, so I would be pretty much out of the loop, well after I also throw away my cellphone…Donald Trump, who is that? How many dead? What nuclear bomb?

But even if I hear the news, most of the it doesn’t affect me…so why does it still torturing me? My fiancé is American, that way I have some family over there, but I still wonder why I reacted so strongly last year when the election results came in. I woke up in the middle of the night to follow those debates and the elections…I don’t know why. And when it got elected I was angry, I uninstalled all my news apps and wanted nothing more to do with the world. That lasted maybe a day, but I still don’t know why something that doesn’t directly impact me made me so angry.

I knew it all along off course but like in that picture, you sometimes get overwhelmed and pulled along with the current screaming and kicking. If you study history enough than you will see thing happening again and again. I don’t think that America is a fascist country yet but having set that, this is the same way the fascist came to power. It is so easy in a democracy to stir people up and let them believe the strangest things. And I am pretty sure that Trump and his supporters would have been on the side of Hitler had they lived there and then. And I’m not angry at Trump, he’s just a dumb rich guy stumbling through his easy life, I’m angry at all the people that voted for them, I’m angry that people have not learned the lessons from history. And I’m extra angry at the people in Holland, where I grew up, where they also have some proto fascist longing for power and getting it.

BU 3741I wrote in the beginning about what I see in that picture of the rocks…it reminds me of the mass graves that were discovered by the Russians and Americans in and around the concentration camps when ww2 was almost over. In Nazi Germany millions of normal, God obeying people helped killing millions of other people, their neighbors in many cases. Millions of people around the world have that same seed of hate in them as the Nazi’s did.

I can go on and on about this, and, I will. I keep my internet, and to quell the helplessness I feel I write about, and study it so that I at least can say that I tried. I wished that more people did that and learn from history.