Day 1728, paint a block.

Day's pictures, pictures

Are we making, in our life, a beautiful sculpture of our being here, or a Jenga tower?

If you think about your own life, can you do that detached from your preconceptions? Do you dare to ask yourself questions? Do you dare to read books that contradict what you believe or explore areas you’ve never been? Are you the kind of person that asks questions?

I think that a lot of people will feel the urge to say yes to some or all of these (kind of) questions. I also believe that most people think they are open minded and ask questions, but they do this, unknowingly, from within their little corner of the world of ideas.

It is off course impossible that one human being can understand everything that is in this “world of ideas”. But if you see all the knowledge we gathered in the world as written in a big book, than you can at least open the book and see what chapters there are. Most people live in their own chapter and know of the others trough hearsay and maybe a footnote every now and than.

Philosophy is exploring other parts of the book of life. If you see your life as a peace of art, and I think you should, than you can make a monochrome, square block that represents one page of that book or you can make a van Gogh painting where all colours come from another chapter and every stroke of the brush is an adventure.

My poem for today is from Day 1025.

A beautiful crafted


we never see inside

your illusion


I don’t know why this poem inspired me to write the text above, I hope it is “a beautiful crafted…why”, and indeed, it might be my illusion and obviously I don’t know the reason.

Without kidding. Whatever “artwork” someone makes out of their life, we, the onlooker, will never know what illusion, or reason the creator that lived that life had. In that sense we can all be admired even if it is not for aesthetic reasons.

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