Day 832, noise.

Day 832-1

Thousands of synapses inspiring in you.

The noise drowning out your iridescent path.

Drenched by the weight you reach out your mind,

to see a perspective in calm and silence.

Day 827, closed eyes.

Day 827-1.jpg

Eyes closed and the darkness spirals.

The black mass pulls down, up, it turns,

the movement lures my mood in.

I open my eyes and it lingers.

Day 652, Perspective in boat building.

Day 652-1

I restore wooden boats for a living. The technics and tools we use have not changed much the last view hundred years and some of the tools and technics go al the way back to the beginning of boatbuilding. One of the most important tools in boatbuilding, one that has been used for thousands of years, are our eyes. We off course use our eyes for most jobs we do but in boatbuilding we used them not only for seeing the quality of our work, we use them also to see the lines and shape of the planks we use for the hull or the masts.  Boatbuilding is not an exact science where you can put measurements on a piece of wood and cut it out. A lot of lines on a boat are not straight end even if you manage to lay out a nice plan and line up everything nice and straight, time and humidity will warp the wood and ruin your careful laid out plan. If I make a plank to wrap around the ribs I can make some measurements but the final line, a line that is often a few meters long with a slid curve, will be made with my eyes. And like in real life I have to walk around the problem/plank, lower my head for another perspective, till I have seen it from all sides and adjust the solution/line till it looks right.

I use a thin lath to “find” the shape and dimensions  of the next plank. This plank bands in all directions and you need to move around to find the right shape.


On this picture you see 3 tools we use that are as old as mankind. In front you see a T Bevel Square, we use this to measure angels, then you see a hammer and a carpenter’s compass. In front you also see some measurements I made from where the new plank will go. Those are the angles and dimensions of the plank every 50 a 60 cm. 
The measurements are put on the plank and then we use a thin lath to see if the measurements form a smooth line or that we have to adjust it, we do this with our eyes and look from different sides because the shape changes when you move around.
We use steam to make the wood flexible, so we can bend it without breaking it. Steam has been used for hundreds of years, it is very easy, the only thing you need is a big watertight box and a pan with water. You cook the water and in the lid on the pan you mount a hose and that hoe goes into the box. You can also use direct fire under a plank to bend a plank but steam is easier.
After steaming you have to force the plank in to his place. We use hydraulic presses for this but there are also other methods. In this picture you can clearly see the stresses in the plank when it goes from vertical to almost horizontal.
Some other planks.

Day 651, Thor is a god

Day 651-1

Some things are hard to understand for me, growing up in a secular country that has no long history and no entrenched traditions. In this case I was thinking about Israel and Palestine and their quarrel. There are lots of complicated reasons why they are still fighting with each other but at the basis stands the idea that long ago some people pointed ate a piece of dirt and proclaimed it sacred. Remember that those religions have no more significance to me than the stories of Tolkien or Harry Potter. And if you look at it like a that you can imagine that it is hard to understand that they fight, and kill, over different interpretation and gods. As a nerd I like to fantasies about who would win in a fight: Thor or Superman. But in those ridiculous countries they tell young people to kill each other because of there disagreement in who has the right to live close to Asgard or Krypton.

The sad thing is that most Israeli and Palestinians just wane live their lives and probably believe in a god out of tradition and habit.  These people don’t really believe in god or have never taken the time to question it, what in my mind is the same. But like everywhere in the world, the people with the biggest mouths, the strongest opinions and the most to lose determine the faith of all of them. And if you stretch it a little further you could say that the people that are in charge are driven by their power and the fear to lose it and that they use the religion to legitimize their rule. Religion is not what drives them, but power does. Religion is not real, and if it is used as a reason for action you will always find ulterior reasons hidden behind those actions.

If you are a believer tell me than why there are over 4000 religions?  Some of them have no problem with multiple god’s but a lot allow only one. Why do you, as a believer think you are right and all the other people (probably billions) are wrong, if your religion only allows one god?

Next time you read a text where they use the word god or an equivalent, exchange that word with Thor and you will see how stupid these man (as in a person with a penis and power) made books are.

Prov 3:5: Trust in THOR with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Phil 4:6: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with Thurseblot, present your requests to Thor.

Acts 18:9: One night Thor spoke to Loki in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.

Day 650, How to make up your mind.

Day 650-1

It is really popular In our modern culture to say that someone should “make up their own mind”. That you should trust your own feelings and don’t listen to what others say. If you understand that advice as just another platitude than there is not so much harm in it but if you take them literally than there is a big problem.  The problem is that you assume that we can make up our own mind but the best we can do is to stick with an internal narrative that is for the most part plagiarized.

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Day 638, I am waiting.

Day 638-1

The sun over there

is going to throw me

outside of my rim

that is keeping me hidden

for the day

I am waiting

and hope for

the light

that I still feel inside

as a glow of my dreams

and a hope on the horizon

that is keeping me…


Day 635, I stare outside.

Day 635-1This old window is the perfect place. It is cold here; the warmth is in the other room. I will sit, and think, look outside. Fog is hanging over the place where there is life, it is all white through this old glass that bends the lines of what is straight. This white from the snow calms me down, it blends in the horizon of my thoughts, I stare outside. It is quiet now.

Day 634, Skeletons.

Day 634-1

I like this picture mainly because of the stillness it shows to me. Alt these thin trees standing there motionless, one slightly more in focus pretending to be you.  I imagine walking there, thin air freezing cold. The snow is halfway frozen, and it is the only sound I hear when I go. When everything green that was alive is dead and on the ground, you see the skeletons lying around. The trees stand in silence and morn its loss, I look further and ignore the signs, this animal ones was alive. I slowly walk on forward in time. I wasn’t there when it fell down and died. Last summer it was green here and the sun shined on me. Skeletons are covered by summers day light.


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