Constructed memory.

Curacao, 1994

Why do I think we all build a structure, a narrative, that explains or bears our existence?

First of all, it’s a story I’ve been telling myself for many years, if I tell you about its origin, I guarantee you that it is…a structure. It probably started while reading a book, but I don’t know what book or where I read it.

We all been in situations where you are certain about a situation, certain facts you remember from the past. Till you meet someone that was with you at the time and recollects it totally different.

When I started to realize this fact, that you can’t trust your own memory and your own opinions that are based on these memories. That you start to question your own identity, then I realized that my journey really started.

I think we can all agree that the  7.7 billion people that live on this earth, are all having their own unique outlook at life. All these people grow or grew up in often vastly different circumstances. These circumstances influence your look at life and when you tell your life’s story it will matter if you are born in Switzerland, Mexico, Niger or Cambodia. And it might not matter so mush at the first glance, we are still independent people with our own opinion you might say, but if you look closer you will see that your opinion is based upon your flowed memories of the place you grew up.

tekening -1On this earlier post of mine about free will you find an explanation of a drawing i made around 20 years ago.

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