Day 631, Looking against the light.

We human beings can easily be overwhelmed. An example: you meet him, the whole date goes so well, as if you knew each other for so long and then… he barks at the waiter. Or you by the new phone you wanted for so long, you install everything, try it out and then after 3 days… the excitement is gone and it’s just an other phone. Our expectation is like the bright sun that puts everything around you in a shadow and you can only

Day 630, Sailboat escape.

This is a spot where I sometimes eat my lunch. In the winter there is not so much change, besides the coming and going of the snow, but in the summer, you can see sailboats from all over the world. I find a small sailboat with a couple of people on board that sail the world endlessly intriguing. It’s like a little capsule where you can go in and literally sail away from the world into your own…

Day 626, look closer.

I like taking pictures of details from ordinary things, when there are only a few parts in focus. It reminds me of real life where our eyes have everything in focus all the time. Where our minds see also a picture as in a cinema, nice in focus, fare away and big. But when you go out of focus, get closer, and only see the little details you might be surprised.

Day 625, refuge.

This is a picture of a rusty pipe. With some adjustments it looks cool, if I may say so. Like colorful lava floating around, breaking away…Yesterday I wrote about America and the innocent lives that got destroyed because of an unnecessary war. I wondered, in that story, how people could live in a country like that. Someone asked me what I would do…Well, I live In Norway, I moved here from the Netherlands about 10 years ago.