Day 631, Looking against the light.

Day 631-1

Looking against the light.

We human beings can easily be overwhelmed. An example: you meet him, the whole date goes so well, as if you knew each other for so long and then… he barks at the waiter. Or you by the new phone you wanted for so long, you install everything, try it out and then after 3 days… the excitement is gone and it’s just an other phone. Our expectation is like the bright sun that puts everything around you in a shadow and you can only see the light. That person or object shines so bright, because you want it so bad, that it makes you temporary stupid, you can not think straight. That realization can come fast, as in the case of the rude date, or it takes a couple of day’s like with the phone. We all know this of course, there are enough sayings that point to this like: “blinded by love”, and it is not a bad thing perse. Looking at any man or woman thinking that he or she is probably an asshole one way or the other, what is of course the truth, is not a recipe for a nice date, a love life or for propagation, the cornerstone of our existence. In a certain way evolution made us les skeptical when it comes to choosing a mate, at least the skepticism is postponed till after the woman is impregnated or in our modern time: you had sex.

Well, that’s all well and good and a little drama makes life more interested for sure, but the side effect of this blindness is: the telephone I just bought and don’t need, or any product for that matter. This irrational potential in us is off course the fuel that our lifestyle, or capitalistic system, is running on.  If we all would be responsible buyers our system would crawl to a standstill and that is a problem, if you like this system. I personally wouldn’t mind finding a more responsible one. The main reason for this is that we can destroy the world we live in. Because of all the excess stuff we produce, the energy it cost and the waste we make we probably do more harm than good to the world on the long run. But for now, we are all blinded by the light and cannot see what lurks in the darkness.

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