Day 626, look closer.

Day 626-1

I like taking pictures of details from ordinary things, when there are only a few parts in focus. It reminds me of real life where our eyes have everything in focus all the time. Where our minds see also a picture as in a cinema, nice in focus, fare away and big. But when you go out of focus, get closer, and only see the little details you might be surprised.

In the summer I like to take closeup pictures of insects. When I walk in the garden I see no insects, maybe a fly or a bee but not much more, so where to go? Normally I will go sit in the grass close to some bushes and just wait. I lean a little bit closer to the ground maybe and then you slowly start to see a whole new world. First you see nothing but take some time, study the surrounding and you see things you would normally never see. This is analogues to real life: you have an idea; an opinion is welling up, you see it in front of you and an emotion takes over, whispers to you the thoughts that come first. But what if you sit down, in the grass there by the bushes. You let your mind settle down and slowly you wait till the details come insight. Maybe you discover the small creatures crawling in your thoughts that unknown to you where guiding your thoughts that you had when you were standing just there before. Life and living keeps so much more hidden for you if you don’t take the time to question yourself.

Here you can see some of the pictures I have taken while sitting in my garden.

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