Day 1909, weed.

It’s strange

we let things grow in our garden

even things we don’t want


we have off course our rituals

to get what we don’t want out of sight

we pull it out, take poison or cut deep

knowing all along that some seeds

are still buried

deep within

the ground

Day 1907, together.

 It seems that we all

work on our own fields


and though we plant

plow and mow at different times


it’s when you look up

to rest


that you can admire all the lines

colors and shades

working together

Day 1906, colorful dress.

I turned around

when the rain started falling


when I was turned

I saw you

an expected surprise


your colorful dress

made no mistake

in telling me

what you wanted


and I will give you this summer

so you can grow


what I need

Day 1887, potato.

Do you sometimes realize something that you already knew? I helped my landlord planting potatoes today, every few centimetres a potato from last year goes in the ground, and in a few months…every potato has made many more potatoes. My realization was that some labor gives you an endless supply of potato’s year after year. I knew of course that nature works like that but I needed to put the potatoes in the ground for myself to realize it. It make you wonder how many things you think you know but not realize or appreciate.  

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