Day 2330, urge.

Day's pictures, Poetry
I give you something felt 
from my heart
in so many words


I know I felt it
maybe not the words
a need

is there difference

In this picture, you can see a little monkey in a pose that looks to me like he is giving some food to someone of camera. We can not ask the monkey why it does that or its reason for doing so. If it is giving food to one of its fellow monkeys, it is probably doing that out of habit, programmed through millions of years of evolution; sharing is perhaps good for it and the group. I am guessing here, but we can be sure that the little monkey can not tell us in detail why it did what it did. The monkey does things for no reason that can be expressed in words; it just does, like how we move our legs or digest our food, without thinking about it.

We humans can reason why we feed our family members, but we also know that words and reasoning are not necessary, we just do that; you might call it instinct. But what about love or feelings of hate and anger? We often give ourselves over to those feelings, but almost immediately, we start to rationalize. First, slowly but when the passion slows down, we replace it with reasons for why we have all this passion. It started like with the monkey in the picture giving food out of an urge; our love or hate just wells up in us with no rational reason but as a reaction to something outside of us.

The reason for the emotional rush is often obvious, the person you just met with the piercing eyes or the perceived insult you get, but from this little bit of knowledge, we humans are capable of spinning whole stories and reasons for what happened.

The reason why we fall in love with this or that person is not easy to answer. You can read countless books about it, and what song or movie is not giving all kinds of reasons. I think that if you have an explanation for why you fell in love, you probably haven’t or buried it under a pile of words. Maybe the feeling of love is a way that evolution “came up with” to tell us that we found a suitable mate, nice and dry.

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