Day 1859, route.

We like to take the shortest route



because we value the destination

the straight line


not the detour

a pause

a corner

Day 1843, beating.

When you walk alone

in a city


listening to your heart



the buildings fading



your thoughts follow



wondering whats behind

the next corner


hoping its

the same

Day 677, Street photography.

Day 677-1

There is a style of photography called street photography. It’s the kind of photography where you walk the streets and take pictures of things that interest you and are related to us people and our life outside the house, for most photographers that is the people you see on the street. I personally don’t like taking pictures of strangers on the street, it’s a skill you need to learn and get comfortable with. Where I live that is difficult, it’s a small place with little excitement so it’s hard to practice that particulate skill. But when I am in a city I love to wonder around and look for interesting things, I like to take pictures of things most people don’t look at and think that it is anything special. I like a picture of an old door with marks of a hard life all over it, it tells a story to me similar as a picture does of a person that has an interesting looks.


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