Day 1945, floated.

Daily picture, Poetry

there where so many seeds

that floated through the air

last summer


and still I am happy

that you landed

not so far from me


  1. THE REVOLUTION-SPIRIT AND THE POSSESSION-SPIRIT.—The only remedy against Socialism that still lies in your power is to avoid provoking Socialism—in other words, to live in moderation and contentment, to prevent as far as possible all lavish display, and to aid the State as far as possible in its taxing of all superfluities and luxuries. You do not like this remedy? Then, you rich bourgeois who call yourselves “Liberals,” confess that it is your own inclination that you find so terrible and menacing in Socialists, but allow to prevail in yourselves as unavoidable, as if with you it were something different. As you are constituted, if you had not your fortune and the cares of maintaining it, this bent of yours would make Socialists of you. Possession alone differentiates you from them. If you wish to conquer the assailants of your prosperity, you must first conquer yourselves.—And if that prosperity only meant well-being, it would not be so external and provocative of envy; it would be more generous, more benevolent, more compensatory, more helpful. But the spurious, histrionic element in your pleasures, which lie more in the feeling [146] of contrast (because others have them not, and feel envious) than in feelings of realized and heightened power—your houses, dresses, carriages, shops, the demands of your palates and your tables, your noisy operatic and musical enthusiasm; lastly your women, formed and fashioned but of base metal, gilded but without the ring of gold, chosen by you for show and considering themselves meant for show—these are the things that spread the poison of that national disease, which seizes the masses ever more and more as a Socialistic heart-itch, but has its origin and breeding-place in you. Who shall now arrest this epidemic?

Friedrich Nietzsche, Human all too human, Miscellaneous Maxims And Opinions. Translated By Paul V. Cohn, B.A. New York The MacMillan Company 1913, Free license from

Nietzsche never wrote constructively about politics, he wrote about countries, politicians and some movements like in this aphorism. He was critical about socialism for all kinds of reasons but he had similar criticisms for all the other political leanings. I think that Nietzsche was to much of a referee to be able to join the people on the field and play.

The problem with Politics is, in my opinion and maybe Nietzsche’s, that you have to take standpoints on how the world works so you can propose measures and implement these on the basis of how your world works. But for a lot of people God is no longer the basis where we base our morals and worldview on and build our society. Ever since the death of God we have to look for new grounds and we did this for the last 200+ years. If there is no almighty, we are in essence no more than smart animals that evolved over millions of years and will disappear in some kind of calamity before you know it. Everything is possible so everyone is, by the power of logic, also right. I will join this political battle once it is over, which means that everybody knows that it is fruitless and that we should try to work together and not work against each other.

I will turn 50 years old next year and that is not old, it certainly doesn’t feel old but by now I realize that the dream I had when I turned eighteen and I would enter a world of logic and common sense is definitely never going to happen. The wisdom I entrusted in older people is just based on the way they carry themselves, now I understand what they talk about and that is often about nothing, fed by misconception, opinions, fallacies and whatever word you can think of that is not reason or thoughtful contemplation. And it is hard to blame them because it is a behavior that is well advertised through the ages.

For now, I believe that science and honest scientist are the only once that have made this world a better place, if better means a life where we no longer have to live in fear for animals, diseases, the weather and more. Life in the Middle Ages was much harsher with wars everywhere, no safe travel and nature that could take everything with ease and then the diseases, you didn’t even know what you die of and half your kids would also pass away before they are teens. Now it is almost a national drama if some kid dies of a disease. It were the scientist that invented the cures, learned to predict the weather and lifted the people out of the misery and fear of God so they could see that living more peaceful is worth it.  

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