Day 1571, work in progress 2.

Day 1571.jpg

The first light

and movement they sense

still wet

and lost

gives them no






they grow

and the world

gets projected

from this one



and it is still


when they close

their eyes

and dream


for them

there is no other

sunset, color of grass

or fear.


there is no other

Day 1570, hang.

Day 1570.jpg

It looks like

all the lines eventually

come together

somewhere near

the end

in the distance


till then

I just hang my thoughts

on them

Day 1567, my.

Day 1567.jpg

My reflections

are divided by pillars

holding up

heaven from earth


my reflections

show scaffolding



a ghost

to you


I hope

you take this

in account

Day 1565, myself.

Day 1565.jpg

When I look

in my reflection

for myself


I see blue skies

bright lights

and colors



an other angle

will reveal



I should just

stand up

Day 1564, stand.

Day 1564.jpg

We stand so close

inside each other


you take all my space

like he does in you


I hope someone

takes us in

separate way’s

and fills our purpose

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