Day 1461, moralities

Day's pictures, Human all too human, Poetry

Day 1461.jpg

The human mind

looks lightly twined

in memories

around moralities

Friedrich Nietzsche, Human all to human


The super animal.—The beast in us wishes to be deceived; morality is a lie of necessity in order that we may not be torn in pieces by it. Without the errors which lie in the assumption of morality, man would have remained an animal. Thus, however, he has considered himself as something higher and has laid strict laws upon himself. Therefore he hates the grades which have remained nearer to animalness, whereby the former scorn of the slave, as a not-yet-man, is to be explained as a fact. (Human, all too human a book for free spirits Part I, translated by Helen Zimmern 1909. Read it here)

I start where I left reading in Nietzsche book Human all to human. This one has in my mind loosely a connection with the toilet roll hoarding we have seen lately in the news or around us. Morality is just a thin layer between being a human or animal it looks like. When self-preservation takes over and people loose grip of the bigger picture they will only later realize what they have done.

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