Day 641, Where I live.

Day 641-1

The place where I now live is beautiful. There are rocks and hills all around me and many small islands. There is one small gravel road leading to this place and you can see electricity poles snaking its way to the house, for the rest you don’t see mush of civilization.  The place is part of the museum where I work for, almost a hundred years ago the farmer/entrepreneur that lived here started collecting historical objects and buildings and made it into a little museum. After his death in the 60th they tried to restore it and in the 70th most of the buildings were painted and restored where necessary. At the end of the 70th the local government started a new museum with these building and specially his collection of farm and fishing tools and other things found in and around the house as a basis. The museum grew slowly and in the 90th they made a little building here with warm and cold water, a modern kitchen, toilet and shower. The main building only has cold water and they wanted to rent out the place to tourist and therefore they needed to modernize. The main building is probably around 150 years old and besides some electric heaters hasn’t changed much. It was hard for the museum to maintain the place and that’s why I offered to go live here with my fiancé. I really like living in such an old building (in Norway that’s old, especially for a wooden structure) where there are not so many modern luxuries like isolation, central heating, a toilet or kitchen. We have reliable electricity and I installed an internet antenna on the hill behind the house, so we can catch some 4g signals, there is no cellphone coverage in the house. But living relative primitive fits good with my philosophy so I don’t mind not having a lot of things that you normal take for granted. The biggest thing I (and specially my fiancé) miss is a toilet in the house. In the summer I restore and maintain the building and we try to bring the garden back to how it was ones. The place where the house is, is special. There are several hills around us that block most of the wind and therefore it is relatively save living here. There are signs, specially some drawings on the rocks, that indicate that this place is used to come ashore and maybe settle for more than a thousand years.

But as I said before: I like living here, my fiancé is not always so enthusiastic, but we manage. The lack of some luxuries makes you appreciate them more when you have them again and you don’t really miss them in daily live. For me is the silence more of a luxury that I want now and that’s here in abundance.


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