Day 642, Peas on earth.

Day 642-1

This time of year, many people take their time to think about peas. I care a lot about peas, but there are some disturbing trends. There are less peas produced the last few years1 and with a higher demand for peas in upcoming markets2 there is a higher chance that the markets will be over flooded with the approximate 2 150 000 tons of nuts (ca 150 000 nut-cases) that are overproduced worldwide.

The long-term decline in the demand for peas started roughly a 100 years ago when rich soil in France, that was producing 26% of the worldwide production, was used to test the new invention wherein men dig their own grave (trench in French) and let someone with a big bomb fil it with fresh soil. This did so much damage that the entire production of peas in that area stopped for good. The world peas organization, after this loss of fertile ground, has tried to catch-up but peas are slowly disappearing from the menu of modern man.

The loss of peas on the modern menu has caused a reduced intake of the important vitamin Cs (CMS or Com-Mon-Sense). A lack of Cs slowly degrades the areas in the human brain that produce the peas loving hormones CPS (Com-Peas-Sion). A loss of CPS will lower the tolerance for peas and heighten the change for the disease WAR (Weak-Ass-Reaction). This disease causes the subjects to sit on a chair that is in a safe place and then start telling others what to do and in the worst cases who they have to kill.  It can afflict any person, but it is most common with males, specially if any of the following symptoms is clearly noticeable: shortsighted ideas, indoctrinated thoughts, greed and selfishness. Everybody with symptoms like this should be banned from any responsible job and be schooled in the health benefits of eating peas.

1 See here

2 See here

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