Day 640, Christmas in Vietnam

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Day 640-1

At this blog I write about aphorisms from the book Human all too human from Friedrich Nietzsche. Today’s aphorism included the idea that it is sometimes necessary to counterbalance your mood like when you somber you need to laugh. It was a nice coincidence that his came up because earlier today I was watching several documentaries about the Vietnam war and I do that often, but specially around the end of December to counterbalance all the happiness you get bombarded with. But technically it is not a counterbalance, I am normally pretty cheerful, and this time of year only brings my mood down, so I should watch something cheerful. I guess I do it out of stubbornness, if people ask me I can bombard them with fresh stories from the trenches.

I associate Christmas with hypocrisy and war, this is off course not fair to that specific party but that’s the way it is. I think it started years ago when I saw a bunch of world leaders singing about peace on earth and praying for it while almost at the same times people die because of their decisions.  I just don’t understand how we, and I am nothing better, as so called intelligent beings can live knowing that almost 800 million people have had hunger in 2017. Most of us would give our neighbor some food but we can not come together to do something about that. For me it feels like we are having a pool party in a street where all houses are on fire. I know, what can you do, and most of the people need some counterbalance to handle these thoughts. I moved to the middle of nowhere and watch depressing documentaries.

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