Day 2535, selling air.

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Friedrich Nietzsche

The gay science
Book one

17 Finding a motive for one ‘s poverty. – There is clearly no trick that enables us to turn a poor virtue into a rich and overflowing one, but we can surely reinterpret its poverty nicely into a necessity, so that its sight no longer offends us and we no longer make reproachful faces at fate on its account. That is what the wise gardener does when he places the poor little stream in his garden in the arms of a nymph and thus finds a motive for its poverty: and who wouldn’t need nymphs as he does?

Day 2528, roundabout.

Daily picture, Poetry

Friedrich Nietzsche

Human all too human II
Mixed opinions and maxims

214 The discoverers of trivialities. -Subtle spirits, for whom nothing lies farther afield than a triviality, often discover one of these after following all sorts of roundabout ways and mountain trails and take great pleasure therein, to the amazement of those who are not subtle