Day 2233, epistemology.

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Today at work, I listened to a book about the history of Italy, and thoughts kept popping into my head that made me pause. For thousands of years, we all built this wealth of knowledge but listening to descriptions of life over the past 2000 years and comparing that to how we live now, not much is changed besides the cloth we wear and the houses we live in.

This wealth of knowledge has brought us a lot, of course. We live longer, and our societies are a lot safer compared to the ones that came before us. All this thinking about life and how to live it by all these thinkers has slowly trickled down, it seems. Did you know that there were places in Italy 150 years ago where 100% of the inhabitants were illiterate? Twenty-five percent of newborns would die in the first year of their life, and because of this, life expectancy was around 30 in that same period. We have come a long way, but if you read what people thought about life, politics, and society back then, and even earlier, you will realize that progress is mostly reserved for our material well-being.