Day 2482, don’t understand.

Daily picture, Poetry

I hear people say that the world is in a bad place

and then I feel so left out

no one has ever told me where the red line is

where the world is good on this side

and bad on the other

Is there an objective way to determine if we live in a bad time and that there were good times in the past? There are bad things that we can agree on; if you have two answers right from the ten questions they asked you, you did poorly, but you can’t say that that pizza is bad because you didn’t like the taste, someone else might love it. There are, of course, exceptions, a pizza with a layer of sand is probably universally bad, and Hitler also falls in that category but if you talk about Trump, for instance, is he universally bad? I personally don’t like what he does, but he has not murdered millions of people as Hitler did, and he is probably nice to his wife and children. He didn’t step out of the womb and thought: “now I gonna be an asshole.”  His genes might have paved the way for that role, and his surroundings gave him little chance to adopt a more… cherishing role in life.

As far as I can see, people call each other evil because they use their own personal standards and not a more universal one. This is why I don’t understand why people say that we live in bad times. Compared to what? The past is gone, and we don’t know how those people felt, lived and thought especially if they could compare there lives with ours. We now live much healthier and have much more comfort than even 50 years ago, most of us would not last in those times, especially woman and minorities. There is no reason not to know that we humans are not so good at remembering the past, our own past or that of the country we live in.




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