Day 2259, my shadow.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Today I saw myself

in the shadow that looks like me


It is strange

that the stranger is in me

and that I don’t know myself

like I know you

Today I looked in the mirror, and a thought strolled by. If I meet someone for the first time, all kinds of personality traits get attached to this person. Impressions of the people I met before are attaching themselves to this new person, and they give me an appreciation; they give me something to hold on in my need to know who I am dealing with. This first impression will, of course, refine the more you start to know this person, but even if the person has some mystery over them, they at least have the trait of mystery.

If I look in the mirror, I get none of this. I don’t see a sad person or a jolly one. Not even a serious one though I think I am one. I lived too long with myself that it is too late to get an honest first impression of myself. It’s a shame that we never get one of ourselves because it makes a good starting point on the road to know a stranger, and that includes yourself.

Look in the mirror. Do you get an honest first impression of yourself?


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