Day 2000, Day two thousand.

Daily picture, Poetry

Today is day 2000 of my…well, me posting pictures and later also text on this blog. I started doing this in march 2016 to not only say that I like photography but also actually do it regularly. Well it is regularly because I haven’t skipped a day besides some pictures that got posted after midnight. What started as a motivation is now turned into something I do besides eating and sleeping, even when I am traveling I will find a bit of time to make a picture with my phone, play with it and make a little poem and post it. It is even as important as sleeping and eating for me because life can become a drag when you think of it to much and you’re in an endless loop of going to work and coming home to sleep. I honestly have no illusions that what I do means something to another and that it might bring me something, but just being creative and thinking about life every day for half an hour or an hour gives a lot of meaning to me. I’ve been in poor countries and we all know that a lot of bad things happen in the world and I admire the people that are hands on and actually do something about it but I don’t have the internal drive to do that. I also don’t know where to start. The last two day’s I have written about Palestine and there are a lot of people that use all their time and energy to change the situation there but I just have questions and grind to a stand still wondering what is the best approach. So, I feel guilty that I live here in Norway in comfort complaining behind my computer that the world sucks (and off course that it is beautiful to). But I believe that education and promoting critical thinking is important and when I write these blog posts every day, I feel that I grow and this, on a very small scale, helps the whole world to grow a little bit.

The pictures you see here are from Day 1. Back then I posted several pictures a day and these are taken outside the house where I lived before. The people that follow me know that I almost never take pictures of people but most of the time of dead objects or nature in closeup. I do this for the simple reason that I don’t like to intrude in someone’s privacy and a lot of photographers take pictures of people, it’s pretty obvious. I like to find the details that most people never see, like we do in our real lives where we glance over the details of the day. When I see these wires, I see the twist that are made by someone…who? I like the way that things are attached and wonder how they produced those little clamps that keep the wires together. And why are some parts rusted and others not? You see that there is more in ordinary things, they have a history and character, and I hope that people appreciate this and use this thought to look at life in a similar fashion.

After more than a year I also started writing on my blog. I have written in the past on other blogs and I like doing it but I have dyslexia and I make a lot of mistakes, but I saw that my pictures where slowly getting better so why not my writing skills if I just keep on doing it day in day out. Because writing takes a long time I started experimenting with poetry. The problem is that I don’t like reading poetry and most of the time I don’t understand what the poet tries to say. But that didn’t stop me and I found out that I like juggling with words and I using the pictures as inspiration and my knowledge of philosophy and life experiences as fertilizer. I play with a lot of complex concepts in my head and I try to learn how to put them into words and understand them at the same time. The nice thing about the short poems I write is that I have to condense these elaborate thoughts into a few words, it helps me to explain to myself my own thoughts.

Some people look strange at me when I tell them that I do this every day, and I can understand that, it is kind of obsessive and compulsive. That maybe plays a part in it but after a couple of hundred days I just wanted to see how long I could last and now I just don’t want to break the spell, it also keeps me going in a world where I don’t belong.

The “poem” underneath is one of the first and you can probably tell that I summarize the different way’s we look at life and what we want. I wouldn’t do it like this anymore but I guess that is progress…

Sometimes you don’t know what you see.

Sometimes you see what you don’t want.

Sometimes you want to see what you see.

Sometimes you don’t want what you see.

Sometimes you see not what you want.

Sometimes you want to see what you don’t see.

Sometimes you don’t see

what you think it is

that you are looking for

when you stare in the mirror

as a kaleidoscope

in your eyes


4 thoughts on “Day 2000, Day two thousand.

  1. I still receive your art
    I don’t comment very often
    But i pay attention and i hear you
    And see you through your unique lens
    Snd will always remember your openness to Michael and I as random strangers Giving us the king’s tour of your island
    As well as your girlfriend being totally ok as well and making one of the best lasagna I’ve ever had
    Life is a journey and i am happy that you share yours so openly snd unconstrained
    Self and the collective are very curiously intertwined
    Thanks and keep it up
    Even though it seems like no one is listening at times
    Even though thats not exactly the point
    The message is out there
    Or otherwise


    1. And sometimes I stand on a shore
      Hoping the wind brings back that memory
      Knowing that somewhere
      Gave me a chance to be

      And we still are
      Only more to the south


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