Day 1943, mark.

Daily picture, Poetry

I aim at you

is it because I can’t

take my eye of you


because you hypnotize me

or myself


  1. MARKSMEN AND THINKERS.—There are curious marksmen who miss their mark, but leave the shooting-gallery with secret pride in the fact that their bullet at any rate flew very far (beyond the mark, it is true), or that it did not hit the mark but hit something else. There are thinkers of the same stamp.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Human all too human, Miscellaneous Maxims And Opinions. Translated By Paul V. Cohn, B.A. New York The MacMillan Company 1913, Free license from

I like this metaphor, I was myself a machine gunner in the Dutch Marines for 3 years, wonder what the equivalent is in the world of thoughts when you shoot ten bullets in a second down the range and hope you hit at least something.

I can stretch this metaphor a little further by explaining what I learned as a machine gunner. Our task was to find a commanding position at such a distance of the opponent that their normal handguns could not reach you effectively. Once in this position you shoot short burst of cover fire to keep the heads down of the opponent and give your team a chance to get closer to take their position, short bursts are necessary because you have a limited amount of ammunition and it is easy to overheat the barrel. There is one big disadvantage of having the most firepower on the field and that is that your opponent will try to do everything in their power to take you out, you more or less lie down their waiting for a big surprise to hit you.  

I don’t think I am like that when I do my thinking and discussing but we probably all know people like that, some even get banned from social media because they caused to much collateral damage while shooting their verbal nonsense with.




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