Day 1927, why.

Daily picture, Poetry

I think life

is a serious



Imagine the first persons that could put one and two together. Who woke up one day not living life, but asking: “why living life?” You might wonder what the point is, me thinking about that, we have a lot of answers, our problems need to be solved, what do I care what our ancestors thought millennia ago.

The smartest way of solving a problem is normally to start at the beginning, you go over all the necessary steps to make something work and see if one of them is not… working.

Imagine you are one of the first humans that started asking questions. You no longer see the sun rising in the morning, you wonder why it is rising. If that is a problem, it would be wise to start at the beginning and see what you can explain and what not. Eventually we figured out why the sun rises from our perspective, and we figured out a lot more. But have we ever figured out why we live?

Most wars and conflicts are fought over premature answers of that question. We all see our world in colourful details like in a hallucination. But did we put enough effort in answering that first question? If you could answer that question with yes, we would not have all these unnecessary problems in the world like wars and starvation.

Can you answer that question? I don’t know, but it would be a nice experiment if everybody stopped believing what they do and starts learning how to think and loose their fear of uncertainty. Maybe we should start by finding out what all of our hallucinations have in common.




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