Day 1773, just a role.

Daily picture, Poetry

I do this thing, that a lot of people get confused about. Maybe you do it to. I have thoughts about everything, and opinions about some of them. It often happens that I have different opinions about the same subject, at the same time. If I discuss one of these subjects with someone, I often choose to contradict.

I think I like to disagree because when you disagree with someone, specially if you put some heat in it, you will get a better sense of who the person is. Do they stay calm and collected, get angry or silent, or do they have a good argument or contradict themselves. An other benefit of this is that these sparring partners start to dislike you, and I like people that can see past this “outside” of who we appear to be.

I know that I often play a role, I know that other people do to, and others? They seem to believe that they are the role they play. We humans are also good in projecting a role onto someone else. If someone dislikes me because I argue to much, then they are right, but also wrong. I like to argue, it’s my favorite role so to speak, but I react mainly on the sent of doubt in the other. I have met enough people that saw right thru my charade, because they are wiser, or have played the same games.

I realize that it sound arrogant, like everybody that has argued with me is suddenly not that smart. I hope you will understand that that is not what I mean. There are several reasons why people seem to tel the good listener that they are not so sure of themselves. A lot of people tel you that it is “their opinion”, with other words: I don’t know. If something is red, you say: that is red. Not: in my opinion that is red. It is some sort of politeness that leans toward uncertainty.

There are also people that are really confident in their opinions. If you are patient, you will probably see them being all sure of themselves while being wrong. They can be right 9 times, but if they are wrong the 10th time with the same bravado as before, you could safely say that they where probbably just lucky the 9 times before.

I generalize of course in these examples, the world is nice to look at in black and white, but we all know that it is just gray all over the place.

Today inspiration comes from a poem written in August 2020, Day 1570.

It looks like

all the lines eventually

come together

somewhere near

the end

in the distance


till then

I just hang my thoughts

on them

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