Day 1767, shame.

Daily picture, Poetry

People ask me sometimes why I post my pictures online, if the purpose is, to just be creative. I have an answer for that question, the problem is that I haven’t found the right word to say it. I don’t have Facebook and Instagram to post my pictures on, I did that a little bit before 2017 but I deleted the accounts in the beginning of that year. I am not the kind of person that scrolls on the phone and likes a lot of stuff in the hope to get more followers. I know that besides good content, you also need to be…social on social media, if you want to get noticed.

It was by accident that I discovered, I have used WordPress before, but that was for making websites. I just wanted to have a relative cheap website that had a little bit more to offer than the free services. I knew from my own experience that no one finds your site if the content is just a personal blog, and I was fine with that, but the nice thing with this WordPress thing is that there is a small community, where people have a chance to discover, and be discovered, and I have to say that it is nice to see that some people read my blog. 

The reason why I post it on a public website is quite simple, now I have thought about it for a little: I can post my pictures and poems on my site, or I can put it in a folder on my computer. I have everything in my computer of course, but my site is a much nicer package, for me to store it, and read it back, or to show it to the people that are interested.

I also write differently when I write just for myself or for the site, where it is public. I like to improve my writing skills, and though no one ever commented on my numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes, you feel the imaginary eyes twitching when they read my lines, it motivates me to do better, despite my dyslexia.

For me it is also a way to pay my debt to society. What I mean with that is…the guilt…no…maybe shame…for living in relative comfort, with a future that I can, more or less, plan myself. I live in a society where there is so much wealth, if we in the rich west would just turn it 30% down, we could probably give many more people around the world a chance to catch up. I cannot do anything about this, the only thing I can do is to think about it, and write about it. I don’t have the illusion that it will help in any substantive way, but it doesn’t harm.

In my politics I am pretty radical, but that is also something I don’t write about much. I don’t write about it because I know it is to naive, a kid would think of it so to say. I can give an example: I bought a new car last week, I need one to get to work and do the groceries. Norway is a nice country, but it is to big so the public transport is terrible. But I feel blessed that I have the possibility to buy a car, I could have bought a bigger car, but I chose one of the smallest. A bigger car would have brought me to my work in more comfort, but it would also conflict with what I often preach. My theory is that if everybody that bought a car would by the smallest one, we would not only save a lot of resources and material, we could also spend some of the saved money to help the poorer countries. Those poor countries are, by the way, also the countries we robbed in the past, and with what we robbed we can now by big and luxurious cars. Don’t get me wrong, I love big, luxury cars, but I wouldn’t mind tightening my belt , if that means that someone else can loosen it. I know…science fiction.


Day 1501 was the inspiration for today.

My shadow

is always hiding

from the sun


like my darkness

hidden in sight

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