Day 1746, I might.

Day's pictures, Poetry

There are a lot of theories why marriage, or a similar relation, is important for raising children, your well being and for the society you live in. I never took the time to delve into this subject, to find out what others have written about it. From what I have gathered from normal conversations and the culture I live in, is that there is a broad spectrum of opinions, and though there are some groups forming in the different “areas” of that spectrum, it is quit evenly spread out. As I said, I have not based this on some kind of research, it’s just what I make of all the opinions I have heard.

In regards to children: In my opinion it is important to have some kind of role model that is around long enough for the child to form some kind of bond. We humans need of course a lot of help the first years of our lives, we would die if there was not someone around to feed us. Some kind of affection seems to be helpful, but the German boys in 1943, who were raised in model families, had no problem taking a job as camp guards in Auschwitz. Getting all the love and attention from both of your parents, is no guarantee for success, and spending your first 16 year in an orphanage is no guaranty for failure. There are so many variables that determine the “outcome” of your upbringing, a happy and healthy family life is just one cog in that complicated machine.

A normal upbringing is…what is a normal person? What is a norm? Is that not all the people, from one end of the spectrum to the other, and then you average that? I guess that only when there are an uneven amount of people on earth, you could point to one person that is standing right in the middle. That’s an impossible job, specially when you take in account the babies that are born every second. I make off course a joke out of it, but you can conclude: there is no average Joe (or Jane) P.S. Just had dinner and like we do these days, I looked at my phone when I was done. I was doubting about my use of the word “average”, according to Wikipedia the word median is better when you want to know what the thing in the middle is.

When I write these interpretations of some of my old poems, I never make a plan, I just start writing and see where it goes. I say no plan, but I know that I want to go in the direction of the poem, or at least, circle around it. Today when I read the poem from Day 1296 ( picture that inspired this poem is telling) I thought about the relations we have with others. Sometimes you have the feeling that you might walk in front, to protect the other for the hailstorm you both are facing, but the light touch on the belt is stronger then your will, it makes you realize that your not alone. I wanted to go here, by starting to talk about relations in regards to children. Forgot why, and I already past 500 words so I leave it here…hanging. P.S.2 It might have something to with the fact that this is the first time that I write before dinner, guess your mind is not the only thing that has to be full.

I might

be stronger than you

but you

tie us together

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