Day 1743, horizons.

Day's pictures, Poetry

One of the more awkward things for us to react on is when someone tells us something we didn’t know, when we just told the opposite. Depending on your character you try to save face in different ways, or you don’t care and acknowledge that their right and you are mistaken.

I is of course liberating when suddenly, your horizon is broadened. Were you before looking in that one direction, now you have the other next to it, and you can look back and forth, to the past and the future.

The poem if found today is from Day 1267, posted on my birthday in 2019.

From here

I see lines

coming together

in the future

when I wake

on my side

I am not

so sure

I can read it in different way’s, your mind can change when your perspective changes, like in the example from above. You can also see it as a prediction for what’s in store when you are in a relation and you start waking up with your backs to each other, literally and figuratively.

A note for the people that know me and might worry: when I write, I get my inspiration not only from the present but also from the past. I can write dramatically about relations and my own well being but that doesn’t necessarily say anything about my current relation or state of mind. You could say that I try to use my full horizon.

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