Day 1741, brain.

Day's pictures, Poetry

People are capable of all kinds of deplorable things, specially when they roam around in groups, but the same groups of people miraculously behave well when they roam around in the mall, or drive their cars on the highway by the thousands. People are real herd animals and that is strange, because we can, at any moment, do what we want to do.

If you drive a car you can turn left or right or stop at any moment. When your in the mall, you can start running, scream, undress yourself whenever you want. We off course know, that this is not what your suppose to do. We know this somehow, but that doesn’t negate the fact that we could do it. We have this freedom in us but we hardly ever use it because of the herd, the group pressures, the values and norms we have.

The poem from today, its just four words so I don’t know what it is, but it still has a message, so it is something. It is from Day 1249. The picture that you can see if you click on the link, will give an alternate explanation.

A current

is waiting

The word current is a nice word to use in a poem. It has several meaning that can bounce of each other. You can read it as now or actual, a flow like in a stream or in electricity.

You can say that “a now is waiting” for you. At any moment you can alter the direction of your life. You can pack a bag and walk out of the door. You can stand up and tell everybody at work what you think of them. You can forget your contraception and get pregnant. You can finally tell your parents who you are.

You can change your life in many directions, you probably thought about it, and all the reasons why you shouldn’t. The point is that there is probably nothing physically stopping you from doing any of the examples I mentioned above. We have this enormous freedom to do everything with our bodies, if you can walk, you can walk out of the door.

There is a part of our physical body that seems to prevents us from doing these “radical” things, it is our brain. Most people don’t “feel” the brain as the source of their “I”, their personality, but if you take away the brain from your body, your gone, and there is no way you can prove otherwise. Other “proof” of this is that people on certain drugs or with specific mental illnesses can loose access to parts of the brain that prevents us “healthy” people from taking our cloths of in the mall.

Because we are heard animals, live in a group, and have a brain that is a physical part of us and is “programmed” to keep us on the straight path, we are most certainly doomed to stay within the lines that are drawn around us. Sure, you can force yourself over the line, but do you?

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