Day 1738, chains.

Day's pictures, Poetry

A chain is a welcome metaphor, for the connection you have with the past, willingly or not. The chain can pull on you directly when you just lost, or indirectly if you find a reminder of a memory, an old sweater that is not yours on the bottom of the drawer.

Chains you drag behind you, can also catch memory’s from others. Drag them long enough behind you, and they will get heavy, and weight feels reliable as in your truth.

There are also people that don’t know how, or want to, look back. If they do, they might see that their chain is caught, by for instance, an old anchor. Maybe then they notice that they have dug a hole while they believe to walk forwards.

We can also get caught by a chain, dragged by an other. This happens if you look to much, backwards.

The best thing I can do now, for the real world, is to find the equivalent, of what in this metaphor a hacksaw or grinder does to the chain.

I was inspired by Day 1200.

The chain drags

dead weeds

from the bottom

in the sea

I go to

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