Day 1731, difficult reading.

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I assume that the people that read my work are interested in life, as something that you could study and poke at, as to see what it does. I defiantly have that, but I sometimes wonder if the people that I know have similar interest, or do they only have it when life “pokes” at them.

Fifteen years ago I moved to Norway from the Netherlands. I have been back a couple of times to see family, but what I remember of living in and with the people over there is covered in a haze. I only remember the things that stood out, maybe not when I lived there, but they clearly do now. One of those things is that people in Holland (that’s how we call it most of the times) are more of an open book, specially compared to the people here in Norway. If you meet new people or start at a new job, you will have an easier time in Holland to find out what people think, what their hobbies are, what they do in their spare time, those kind of things. In Norway that takes longer, not always off course, I generalize, but I noticed it.

People in Norway are raised to respect each others boundaries, something they have some pride in, they tell me. It is of course easier in a country with so much space per person compared to Holland. If I tell someone in Holland that I am interested in philosophy then there is a bigger chance that they start asking question to hear me out, a conversation is born. Here in Norway that hardly ever happens, they react enthusiastic but most of the time that’s all you get.

I thought about this when I red the poem I write for Day 1100 back in marsh 2019.

The road to freedom


where the horizon


I would like to talk with someone face to face about the meaning of these few lines. In Holland I would have a hard time finding people that like to talk about more abstract philosophy, here in Norway I am afraid it is impossible.

I realize that there is little meaning in this poem, specially if you just read it. But I have read many philosophy books and sometimes you need a few days to digest one aphorism or a paragraph. Words put in the right order can have a lot of magic in them, and if the philosopher or writer is not known for being a charlatan you better believe that they put some meaning in it for you to find.

I like to know which interpretation you have of this little poem or aphorism, maybe you have another idea.

A. If you reach your goal (or horizon) you are bound by that goal and lose your freedom

B. If you don’t set yourself goals for the future (at the horizon) you are free, from those goals that will steer you towards them.

4 thoughts on “Day 1731, difficult reading.

  1. Hoi Chris, je stuk 2 x gelezen en kiezen tussen vraag A of B is moeilijk. Daar zou je over moeten praten om voor jezelf tot een conclusie te komen. Het is namelijk fijn om naar een stip aan de horizon toe te werken maar als je er bent dan moet je ook wat met het bereikte doel en ben je niet meer vrij, tenzij je op zoek gaat naar een nieuwe (stip aan de) horizon. Zo kun je bezig blijven.
    Als je geen horizon hebt ben je vrij om alle kanten op te gaan maar dan kan alles ook doelloos zijn.
    Op mijn leeftijd ben ik niet meer zo blij met een stip op de horizon want dan is het gebeurt met de pret. Ik heb een paar dingen (stippen) die ik graag zou willen doen voor ik over de horizon kieper.
    Kus Marion


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