Day 1706, judgement.

Day's pictures, Poetry

When your dark mood leaves you, you say goodbye, and till soon. You know that your dark moods come around to greet you again. You call it a dark mood because you remember the result from its last visit. If you are in your first dark mood or depression you don’t name it, you just feel shit.

It depends on your culture, family and friend how you name your moods. For me a dark mood is like being depressed or you feel down. You also fall in love for the first time and labeling that feeling can vary also from culture to culture. But no matter what, the first time is purer than the ones that come afterwards. It just wells up in you, unannounced and pushes you down or up the roller-coaster. And ones you’ve been down that track a couple of times you know where the bends are and the sudden drops. You probably even recognize the entrance of that particular ride when you see it in the distances on your path.


From darkness recess

wild colors surge and explode

to drown it all out.

But in this Haiku from Day 799 the word recess not only mean vacation, but also alcove or corner. Your mood is not only coming back from vacation but “wild colors surge and explode” also from its hiding place. Not all people that have a jolly disposition have a dark layer, and not all grumpy people are telling secretly jokes at home, but some people grow colorful flowers out of their dark soil and let the sun force its roots to go deeper into the darkness of that same soil.

The reason why some people are not satisfied with there mood and feel that they have to contrast it is unknown to me. It has probably something to do with your temperament, maybe you are curious or easily bored and that compels you “to drown it all out”. To go look for the sun, paint something colorful or tell a joke to outshine your dark mood.

But no matter what, you see the world in a different, harsher light when it is dark inside, for on that moment you can not see yourself inside and thus, see the world without you and your judgement’s. 

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