Day 878, spoon.

Day 878-1

New life sprouts and sees

 a vast maze and little sun

a view looking back.



What is it that defines us?

Or, what is “us”? Are we not all formed by our surrounding? Is it not our parents, school, city and country that forms us? Don’t we speak the language of our neighbors and follow their customs?

Or would you be the same person if you were born in a different time and place? Is their a soul that contains our personality?

I ask these questions because I hear people often claim that their way of doing things is the best way and sometimes even that it is the only way. How can you claim that your way is the right way if it is spoon-fed to you? Can they not imagine that the other side has contradicting ideas because they are raised in a world where their ideas where spoon-fed to them and thus prevalent?

My conclusion for now is that it is hard for us human beings to live in constant doubt about our own identity where we constantly ask ourselfs if our opinion is given to us or is somehow original.

The world is ruled by people that claim that they know, but we all know that they don’t. Is humankind still in its adolescent face?

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