Day 674, Caged animals.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Day 674-1

Caged animals

From cage to cage.
From decoration to decoration.

From this cage to the other I move
but what changes is the decor
but I’m still not.

The world out there is maybe,
only in my head
as my hope unleashes.

All those people outside there, outside my cage
I despise, not for their freedom
but for their neglect, their lack.

Lack of appreciation for their
innocence and
not seeing their bars.

As a caged animal I cannot speak
back and forth I can walk
but I cannot talk.

Like an animal I think in images
re-actions without words
useless outside my cages.

Only in words that go around
would they understand
without feelings and images.

Images from the deep
from what we all are,

caged animals

3 thoughts on “Day 674, Caged animals.

  1. A very effective poem.
    If you don’t mind a question – you are alternating the use of “their” and “there” to achieve a certain emphasis or effect?
    But in any case, a poem with a lot of punch. Have a good weekend!


    1. Thank you, it’s a mistake I make often if I don’t carefully re-read. In Dutch there is a much bigger difference between the words: their = hun and there = daar much easier to distinguish. But I have simular problems in Dutch with words that look and sound the same, I’m just not wired for that 😉 it’s a little bit what the poem is about, i see a (mental) picture before me of something I like to discuss, you can call it an idea without words and I try to use words to relay that vague feeling. Grammer is of course important but the bars in the poem represent the different languages we speak and I don’t mean Dutch or English but more the miscommunication.

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      1. That meaning came across very clearly, I was just curious. I do not know Dutch or Norwegian, and my Spanish is weak, so it’s impressive that you’re functioning in three languages at least. When I lived in Chile for a time, I could understand most of what people were saying, but it was very frustrating when the accent was so thick, I couldn’t get it, and when I couldn’t form a coherent sentence.


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