Day 2572, we start.

Daily picture, Poetry
We start life midstream
on a current unknown

between the ocean and green
seemingly alone

not aware of the who’s 
you are and will see

a journey for you 
for now and until 
the end 

The first line of this little poem is taken from a book I was listening to today, and I had to stop and write it down because it spoke to me. The book is called Selfless, The Social Creation of “You”, written by social psychologist Brian Lowery. I like the author, and the book is easy to read, and though the idea seems novel, it can also be found in philosophers like Sartre and Heidegger, something he will probably admit.

Here is a part of the back cover: Social psychologist and Stanford professor Brian Lowery presents a provocative, powerful theory of identity, arguing that there is no essential “self”—our selves are social creations of those with whom we interact —exploring what that means for who we can be and who we allow others to be. The rest you can read here:

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